Event Prep: Fruit Infused Water

Happy New Year, we can’t believe it is already 2017! We are beyond excited for a brand new year of weddings, social events, corporate events and entertaining at home. Let’s start the new year off with our first ‘event prep’ blog. Whether you are getting married this year, hosting a big party or just want to stay on track with your new years resolutions this event prep series is for you.

Staying hydrated is not only very important for your health but it also helps keeps you skin fresh and glowing for your next event. Now we know it can be hard to get in the habit of eight glasses of water a day so we have created a list of fruit infused water recipes. These are perfect for the summer, they are a sweet, fresh and healthy way to work towards your hydration goals. Glowing skin for my next event?… Yes please!


To infuse your water simply fill your chosen glass with water, add fruit and pop in the refrigerator overnight. You can absolutely make this right before you want to drink it but the flavours won’t be as strong. Below are our five favourite flavours:

Strawberry, Lime and Mint (Optional Cucumber) – Like strawberry mojito but healthy! This one is sweet, summery and perfect for around the pool. Add cucumber for a fresh twist.

Blueberry and Orange – If you love orange juice, this one is for you. A little pulpy with a blueberry tang, too yummy.

Raspberry, Lemon and Rosemary – This is is perfect for you if you are looking for a drink that is not too sweet. The rosemary gives this a little spice.

Grapefruit and Basil – One word … energising! This one is a wake me up drink and the smell is amazing.

Apple and Cinnamon Stick – Autumn in the middle of summer. This one is like a yummy apple pie but ice cold for summer.

What are your favourite flavour combos? Comment below.

Happy hydrating,
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